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Bancos centrales del mundo

Acceda a los bancos centrales

Lista de países:

  Nombre Tipo actual País
Banco Central de Bolivia (BCB)

El 20 de julio de 1928 constituye la fecha fundacional de lo que hoy es el Banco Central de Bolivia. En ese entonces, la Ley 632 del gobierno del Presidente Hernando...

0,86%  Bolivia
Banco Central de Bosnia y Herzegovina (CBBH)

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in accordance with the Law adopted at the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20 June 1997. The Central...

0%  Bosnia-Herzegovina
Banco de Botsuana (BoB)

The mission of the Bank of Botswana is to contribute to the sound economic and financial well-being of the country. The Bank seeks to promote and maintain: * monetary...

3,75%  Botsuana
Banco Central de Brasil (BCB)

El Banco Central de Brasil es la principal autoridad monetaria de Brasil y el órgano rector de la nación en materia financiera y económica. Se fundó el 31 de diciembre de...

13,75%  Brasil
Autoridad Monetaria de Brunéi (BCMB)

BCMB was established on 1st February 2004 pursuant to Section 3(1) of the Currency and Monetary Order, 2004 which was formally known as Brunei Currency Board (BCB), which...

0%  Brunéi
Banco Nacional de Bulgaria (BNB)

The Bulgarian National Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the oldest central banks in the world, established on 25 January 1879. The BNB is...

0,01%  Bulgaria
Banco Central de Burundi (BRB)

The Bank of the Republic of Burundi is the central bank of Burundi. The bank was established in 1966 and its offices are in Bujumbura.

0%  Burundi
Real Autoridad Monetaria de Bután (RMA)

The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMA) was established under the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan Act, passed by the 56th session of the National Assembly of...

0%  Bután
Banco Nacional de Bélgica (NBB)

The National Bank of Belgium has been the central bank of Belgium since 1850, and is a member of the European System of Central Banks. The governor of the National Bank...

0,0%  Bélgica
Banco de Cabo Verde

The Bank of Cape Verde is Cape Verde's central bank. It is located in the national capital of Praia on Santiago in Cape Verde. The government established it in 1975 as a...

3,50%  Cabo Verde
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